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Stay In Your Place
This isn’t a traditional stage play that you would take your mother to see. ‘Stay in Your Place’ is definitely a ‘girlfriend’ production which will have quite a few audience members trying to figure out their ‘place’.
The stage play 'Stay in Your Place' focuses on infidelity. Couples across the nation are dealing with cheating within their personal relationships. With such a painful topic of discussion, author Tonja Ayers has found a way to address the matter in a comedic way. Derived from her bestselling book ‘A Ho Needs to Stay in a Ho’s Place’, Ayers recruited scriptwriter DuJuan Johnson to bring her vision from the pages of the book to the stage. In addition to Johnson, Ms. Ayers hired Melissa Talbot to direct and produce the production. This stage play will bring you face to face with the issues involved in an unfaithful relationship and promises to keep your complete attention until the curtain drops.


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