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After many years in the retail world, Tonja "The Shoe Lady" Ayers decided to enter the world of publishing. Although she wasn't too familiar with the process of becoming an author, she tried her hand as a writer. Today, Tonja is a published author of nine books and founder of Emperial Publishing. She changed the spelling of Emperial to represent her forthcoming book Empire.


Her first book, “Stay in Your Place” came about after listening to her customers tell their stories of infidelity in her shoe store. That sparked an idea in Tonja’s head to write about the topics her customers would talk about most often. Her second book, “How to Start Your Own Business” speaks to her experience as an entrepreneur and successful business woman. She went on to publish self help books, business books and urban fiction novels.


Since its inception in 2009, Emperial Publishing has published several other authors as well, such as Silver Ray, Christian Austin, Charles Keith, Angela Reid, AK Kennedy, DuJuan Johnson, Regine Coney, Lil Blackmon-Ayers, Azzie Caldwell, Hashin Rasta and several more.


All books are on and audio books are available on and Please go to for publishing information.


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