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Stay In Your Place


'Stay in Your Place' is a handbook for the 'other' woman. The manual is a satire which addresses the behavior of the 'sidepiece' when she can not get her way. The original book title ‘A Ho Needs to Stay in a Ho’s Place’ is brash and promises to raise eyebrows initially; however the book is a witty parody on the bylaws and guidelines of dealing with a married man.  Want to know if you’re the sidepiece? Guess what? The book even contains a test! Remember the C.A.T we all were subjected to in elementary school to acquire an assessment of our grade levels outside the classroom? Well, the Ho Aptitude Test (H.A.T) determines if a woman is really a man’s ho outside the bedroom.


The popularity of the book inspired the groundbreaking stage play production which was written by Dujuan Johnson and Tonja ‘The Shoe Lady’ Ayers.  After two sold out shows, the stage play received blazing reviews and accolades. There was a huge thrust of energy to take “Stay in Your Place” to the next level and a broader audience by making an independent film. Ayers is also the Executive Producer of this film along with her Co-Executive Producer Mi'kiel Los CEO of So Real Investment Group, LLC.


The audience loved the story line of the married; wanna be player Deshawn, and his awkward attempt of juggling his wife and ‘side pieces’, aka, women on the side. With the recent revitalization in Detroit’s entertainment industry, it is the perfect time and location for such an edgy yet comical urban production. The independent film showcases Detroit’s best theatrical and production talent.

Tonja ‘The Shoe Lady’ Ayers, a seasoned entrepreneur, also owns Emperial Publishing, a subsidiary company of The Shoe Lady Productions, where Ms. Ayers has utilized her not so traditional and often thought provoking writing wit to pen such self help books such as Is Your Man Gay? or fiction books like ‘The Apple Don't Fall Far From The Tree’. Co-executive producer, Mikiel Los is also an author having penned seven fictional tales. Los in currently in the process of writing the screenplay to his book ‘Pieces of Joi’

 “Stay in Your Place” was directed by Melissa Talbot and co-directed by Don Snipes.

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